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Moodle Training Site User Guide: Completion Reports for Alternate ELPAC | CAASPP-ELPAC
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Chapter 3: Monitoring Completion Status  >>  Completion Reports for Alternate ELPAC

Completion Reports for Alternate ELPAC

How to view test examiner completion status.

  1. To view the examiner's completion status, you need to go into the Alternate ELPAC Examiner's Certification course.
  2. Access the reports by selecting the Reports link at the top of the page.  
    How to Access Reports
  3. Under the Reports section, select the [Course completion] or [Activity completion] links.
  4. Look for the column header with the yellow and blue ribbon icon.  
    • If there is a green check mark under the certificate column, the test examiner has successfully certified to administer the Alternate ELPAC.