Moodle Training Site User Guide

Chapter 1: Accessing Moodle  >>  Creating User Accounts

Create Moodle User Accounts

A Moodle user account is necessary for all coordinators, trainers and test examiners. There are two ways to create Moodle user accounts: 

1) The LEA coordinator populates a template for upload, OR 

2) Individuals create their own accounts.

Individuals who already have accounts from a previous year do not need to create new ones.

1. LEA Coordinator Moodle User Account Template

  • The LEA coordinator will download and complete the Moodle User Account Template.
  • Email the completed template to
  • Moodle will send a confirmation email that a new account has been requested to each person listed in the file.
  • Each person will need to confirm his or her account by selecting the link in the email confirmation.

2. Individual User Account Directions

  • Access the Moodle Training Site.
  • Select [Create new account] under the Log in button.
  • Create a username and password and provide the required information.
  • Select the [Create my new account] button.
  • Moodle will send a confirmation email to the email address you provided.
  • Activate the account by selecting the link provided in the confirmation email.

Course Log in Directions

Once a user has created an individual account:

  • Obtain the enrollment key for the course they want to access from the LEA coordinator.
  • Access the Moodle Training Site.
  • Enter using your username and password to log in to your account.
  • Select the appropriate program from the Course Categories list on the home page.
  • Select the course. Each course requires an enrollment key unique to each LEA.
  • Enter the enrollment key when requested.