Moodle Training Site User Guide

Chapter 2: Accessing Program Specific Training  >>  Initial ELPAC Moodle Process

Initial ELPAC Moodle Process

Instructions for accessing the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) trainings

1. Select a course that matches your ELPAC role

  • LEA Certification (Kindergarten through grade twelve): For the LEA coordinator or their designee training in a kindergarten through grade twelve LEA (the person/people who would have attended the statewide in-person training)
  • LEA Certification (Grades six through twelve): For the LEA coordinator or their designee training in a grades six through twelve LEA (the person/people who would have attended the statewide in-person training)
  • Trainer’s Resource course: For any person responsible for delivering ELPAC training
  • Examiner’s Resource course: For any person administering the ELPAC
  • Downloads course: For the LEA coordinator or head ELPAC trainer

2. Enter Moodle Enrollment Key

  • Obtain the enrollment key from the LEA coordinator.

3. Sign Test Security Affidavit

  • Must be signed in each course
  • Only need to be signed once per course

4. Complete the course

Select your role:

LEA Coordinator

The LEA certification course is designed to prepare LEA coordinators, or their LEA's designated lead ELPAC trainer, to train test examiners to administer and locally score the Initial ELPAC. This course replaces the statewide in-person training. It consists of seven sections, each with a video or videos to view. Completion of one section is required in order to unlock the next section. All seven sections must be completed in order to obtain certification. The course does not have to be completed in one sitting, and only needs to be completed by the person or people responsible for training ELPAC test examiners in the LEA. This course does not replace scoring training or calibration for items in the Speaking or Writing domains. 

All seven videos included in the certification course are also included in the Trainer's Resources and Examiner's Resources courses as resources for local LEA trainings. However, you must view the videos in the certification course in order to receive a certificate of completion. As the LEA coordinator, or designated ELPAC trainer, it is your responsibility to complete this certification course and use these materials to plan your own training.

There is a course for kindergarten through grade twelve LEAs and a course for grade six through twelve LEAs. The LEA coordinator completes the course that best aligns with their LEA.

  • LEA Certification courses (K–12 and 6–12)
    • One section unlocks the next
    • Sections must be completed in order
    • Should complete entire section before exiting
    • Entire course does not need to be completed in one sitting
    • Receive certificate upon completion (Emailed to address in account profile)
    • Must be completed prior to giving any training
    • DOES NOT calibrate coordinator to administer the test


The Trainer's Resources course provides trainers access to online training presentations and quizzes for training.

These resources include everything ELPAC trainers need to prepare test examiners for administrating and scoring the Initial ELPAC: training videos, trainer notes for each task type, training quizzes, and the Initial ELPAC Training binder sections. Trainers need to decide if test examiners need training in both the Speaking and Writing domains or just Writing domain. All test examiners will have to calibrate for the grade and grade spans and the domains they will be administering and scoring. Calibration quizzes are located in the Examiner's Resources course. All training presentations are also available in the Examiner's Resources section course.

  • Trainer’s Resources course
    • Resources to support training
    • Organized by task type
    • Nothing required to complete
    • Resources used by trainer to best support test examiners
    • DOES NOT calibrate trainer to administer the test

Test Examiner

Initial ELPAC Examiner’s Resources course

The Examiner's Resources course provides test examiners access to online training videos and quizzes for self-guided training and calibration.

Sections containing various training materials and calibration quizzes (Calibration Certification) are organized by grades and grade spans. Within each training and calibration section, test examiners will find training videos, training quizzes, and calibration quizzes.

  • Training videos can be viewed multiple times, and can be scrubbed forwards and backwards.
  • Training quizzes provide the opportunity to practice scoring and viewing score justifications. Completion of training quizzes is not required to receive a certificate of calibration.
  • Calibration quizzes are specific to the grade/grade span(s) and are located in the Speaking Calibration Certification and Writing Calibration Certification portions.
  • Test examiners only need to use the training materials for the grade/grade spans and task types they will be administering and scoring.

Test examiners must calibrate for the grade or grade spans they will be administering and scoring. Calibration quizzes do not need to be completed in order. Once all calibration quizzes in the section are completed, a link to a “certification of completion” will unlock. Test examiners will follow this link to have a certificate emailed to them. Test examiners can share these certificates with their ELPAC trainer, site coordinator, and/or LEA ELPAC coordinator as proof of calibration.

Test examiners may need to complete calibration in more than one grade/grade span section, depending on what grade and grade spans they will be testing. For example, test examiners administering the ELPAC to kindergarten through grade 6 will need to complete the kindergarten–grade 5 AND the grades 6–8 speaking calibration certification sections.

Test examiners do not need to take the LEA Certification Course, however, the training videos included in the certification course are available for test examiners as an additional training resource.

  • Receives a certificate upon completion of calibration quizzes (Emailed to address in account profile.)
  • Resources to support training and calibration
  • Organized by task types
  • Must complete/pass Speaking and Writing calibration quizzes that match grade/grade span test examiner will be administering
  • Does not need to be completed in order or one sitting